Driver Education - Teenagers

This is the first step to getting a Driver’s License for all students. Before being able to complete your Behind the Wheel Road Skills Test , Driver's Ed must first be completed. The Virginia DMV requires that all teenagers under 18 complete 30 hours of Drivers Education from a driving school before being able to get their driver’s license. We offer flexible scheduling to help you finish your class as fast as possible!

What will I learn in Driver Education?

  • Driving and Mobility
    • Mobility and Driver Education
    • The Highway Transporation System
    • The Risks of Driving
    • The Costs of Driving
  • Administrative and Traffic Laws
    • Administrative Laws
    • Right-of-Way Rules
    • Speed Limits
    • Driver-Condition Laws
  • Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings
    • Regulatory and Warning Signs
    • Guide and International Signs
    • Pavement Markings
    • Traffic-Control Devices
  • Systems and Checks Prior to Driving
    • Comfort and Control Systems
    • Visibility and Protective Systems
    • Information and Communication Systems
    • Checking Your Vehicle Before Driving
  • Basic Control Tasks
    • Using an Automatic Transmission
    • Speed Control
    • Using a Manual Transmission
    • Steering a Vehicle
  • Basic Maneuvers
    • Moving into and out of Traffic
    • Right and Left Turns
    • Steering in Reverse and Making Turnabouts
    • Parking
    • Safe Driving Procedures for Passing and Being Passed
  • Searching and Giving Meaning
    • Sight
    • Sound, Balance, and Touch
    • Scanning, Searching, and Sensing
    • Giving Meaning
  • Options and Responses
    • Options and Choice
    • Responses to Manage Space and Time
    • Managing Visibility
    • Margins of Safety
  • Environments and Traffic Settings
    • Residential Streets
    • Urban and Suburban Streets
    • Multiple-Lane Expressways
    • Rural Roads
  • Intersections
    • Basic Intersections
    • Railroad Crossings
    • Roundabouts
    • Complex Intersections
    • Interchanges
  • Sharing the Roadway with Others
    • Driving with Pedestrians and Animals
    • Driving with Bicycles and Motorcycles
    • Driving with Light Trucks and Small Vehicles
    • Driving with Large Vehicles
  • Vehicle Movement
    • Using Appropriate Speed
    • Total Stopping Distance
    • Natural Laws and the Movement of Your Vehicle
    • Natural Laws and Steering and Braking
  • Light and Weather Conditions
    • Driving Safely in Low Light and at Night
    • Visibility, Bright Light, and Glare
    • Minimizing Risk in Rain and Snow
    • Other Hazardous Weather Conditions
  • Environmental Challenges
    • Hill and Mountain Driving
    • Skids
    • Avoiding or Minimizing Crash Damage
    • Challenging Environmental Factors
  • Vehicular Emergencies
    • Engine, Brake and Steering Failures
    • Tile Failure and Other Serious Problems
    • Waiting for Help and Protecting the Scene
    • If You Are Involved in a Collision
  • Physical Readiness
    • Fatigue and Driving
    • Short Term Physical COnditions and Driving
    • taLong Term Physical Factors and Driving
  • Psychological and Social Readiness
    • Inattention and Distraction
    • Emotions
    • Norms and Peers
  • Handling Social Pressures
    • Alcohol and You
    • Alcohol and Its Effects
    • Other Drugs’ Effect on Driving Ability
    • Preventing Impaired Driving
  • Vehicle Readiness
    • Checking Your Vehicle
    • Maintaining Vehicle Systems
    • Suspension, Steering, Brakes, and Tires
    • Child Safety Seats

Driver Education - 18+

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What a great driving school! I would definitely recommend to friends and family. My brother and I both took Behind the Wheel with Abba and he was super helpful!

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– Alyssa H.

Mr. Abba is a very good instructor who really helped me improve my driving skills. My friends recommended him to me, and I have recommended him to my friends.

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– London M.

He’s extremely friendly while still being an educational and informative instructor. I never really felt anxious driving with him, as he made a comfortable environment with his conversation and gentle instruction. I really learned a lot from him! 10/10 :)

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– Hannah J.